Violence in Our Streets

To watch the videos of the violence that erupted at the Occupy Oakland march is disturbing to say the least.  It brings to mind some of the violence perpetrated by government forces in the Arab Spring.  Americans have not seen this type of violence at home during protests since the Vietnam War.  No one really has an idea if the violence will escalate in other Occupy cities or not.

One thing I’ve heard again and again about the Occupy Movement is this thought that they aren’t really speaking for the “99%”.  There is a counter-movement calling themselves the 53%, referring to a recent study that showed that 47% of Americans don’t pay their full share of income taxes.  Their “mission-statement” claims that they aren’t part of the 99% because “they pay taxes” and they don’t want to support the lazy people that are protesting the ultra-rich’s raping of America.  Regardless of the fact that the 1% don’t pay their share of federal income taxes (HELLO!!!), you can say with a straight face that the Occupy protestors are lazy?

When was the last time the fat fuck that sits on his duff in front of his computer/tv all day while eating funions and ring dings stood up to a wall of riot police? When was the last time a person screwing the system by exploiting loop holes stood up to that system that was armed with tear gas, guns, dogs, and mounted officers with billy clubs? Really, the 53%, that’s the best you can do?

To the 53% I say, if you’re serious about fixing the system to make it that all pay their fair share of taxes, then stand with your brothers and sisters that make up the Occupy Movement! Everyone is getting fucked by the Ultra Rich! They hold all the marbles in the political game! They have jury rigged the financial system so we bail them out and pay for their vacations, McMansions, and their toys!

I cannot understand what it is about Americans that make us so fucking stupid to believe that WE can become that rich.  We can’t…we can become successful but that level of wealth is unattainable for any individual.  I hope, for the sake of this country, that we come together to combat the destruction of the American Dream.

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