Skinny Cart BBQ

After sharing a few beers with friends last night, I was slowly peddling my way home. As I climbed the ever so slight hill of Congress Street, taking in the views, I noticed a small, green and yellow food cart. Across from Empire Dine and Dance, I immediately recognized it from a recent “Portland Food Coma” BBQ article. It was the Skinny Cart BBQ!

All at once, I realized I both didn’t need to eat anything and really needed to eat whatever the cart was offering. The simple menu consisted of Bacon Bongs for $5 and Pizza Bongs for $3. Though I knew I couldn’t eat the Pizza Bong (damn wheat allergies!), I had to inquire. Ron, the cart’s proprietor, kindly explained to me this amazing product. It’s a piece of pizza rolled up, stuffed with pulled pork, jerked chicken or a third option I can’t remember at this point and slathered in the cart’s signature BBQ sauce.

My choices being whittled down to one, I requested the Bacon Bong. This beast of a meat snack is a smoked kielbasa wrapped in bacon and smothered in Ron’s magical sauce. He wrapped it up for me and I headed home, peddling with one hand as fast as I could, excited to try it.

As I got home and unwrapped it, the smell permeated through the apartment. So amazing the aroma, it awoke our fifteen year-old cat from her deep, old lady sleep. She immediately began meowing, knowing that something special was about to happen. After savoring five sizable bites, the Bacon Bong had been vanquished. It. Was. Delicious.

For those of you who live in Portland, I’d highly recommend the Skinny Cart BBQ. Check out Ron’s site at to find out where he’ll be or follow him on twitter, @skinnycartbbq.

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  1. Linda T says:

    You didn’t share any of it with the cat????
    Sounds like a Lipitor meal… can’t wait to try one!!!

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