Awesomely Small Cannon

I had every intention to publish this post on Friday, however, there was one small issue. I wasn’t in front of a computer on Friday. Then, care of some hacker, the site was out of commission yesterday. Now that we’re back, I mind as well post something. Enough groveling, this video is awesome. According the creator of the piece, what you’re seeing is authentic. There were no effects used in the production of this video. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Awesomely Small Cannon

  1. Jim Devon says:

    Saw this on Monday. It is strangely pleasing, and yet terrifying at the same time. Like finding out the hooker was actually a dude.

  2. Ed Light says:

    Absolutely tragic video clip. They killed a RR in a can. Savages, lol.

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