About Jim

Jim grew up with Jake and Hokie in Biddeford, ME and operates “The Blogging Affairs Desk” (www.bloggingaffairsdesk.org).

Jim first met Jake when they were both in Elementary school in the 1990s, their first interaction consisted of being on opposing teams at a little league baseball game, where Jim hit a home run off of Jake’s shitty pitching.  The fact that Jake had shoulder length hair and was confused for an underdeveloped little girl might have played a factor in that.

Jim first met Hokie in freshman year of high school, and largely frightened him with his graphic depictions of prison life, including male on male rape.  The fact that Hokie had shoulder length hair, and was confused as an overdeveloped fat girl might have played a factor in that.

Jim is 28 years old, married to a beautiful Cape Cod Girl, and currently resides on Cape.  You can usually find him stuck in traffic, or repeatedly lifting heavy objects.

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